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Legal Framework

Duty Management, Harmonised System and Import regulations can differ globally, so to grow your business in one region is difficult but across the World?

Access to international markets for both buying and selling needs careful management to have a smooth flow of goods from source to consumer and to get your goods to market with the shortest possible lead times.

We do this for around 50 different brands, and we would love to do this for yours.


Mode is a Customs Controlled Warehouse that allows suspension of payments for Duty and VAT to aid your cashflow.

This growing in importance with the increased demand for globalisation of brands across borders and different Customs areas. We can guide you through this and give you every tool to control your cash flow and manage your Duty requirements.


Having a CFSP accreditation allows us to go one step further, and this would be of particular importance to you if you are building a B2C Company.

This allows you to suspend Duty at individual piece or order level as your imported stock is ordered and delivered. It can be complex and it requires a strong command of detail, but that is what Mode is there for.

Landed Price Programme

Our Landed Price Programme enables non-EU companies to sell into the UK / EU markets as if they were a local company, allowing them to retain their cost margins.

Potential customers of the company can avoid the uncertainties of currency fluctuations and cash payment for Duty and VAT. We can offer the same service to UK companies selling into the US market.


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